Mia Khalifa Announces Divorce From Husband After Two Years

Mia Khalifa has officially announced that she is separating from her husband, Robert Sandberg. The couple had been married for two years and were due to get a divorce in June. On August 4th, she filed papers with the Hillsborough County Probate Court to effect the split. In the papers, she requests a protection order from the courts against her husband, preventing him from contacting her children. She also requests an accounting of all the money they have spent together.

Two days later, Robert Sandberg was picked up at his job by Mia’s mother, Moores, who was accompanied by her friend, Stacia. They were told by the police that they should come to the house as soon as possible. When they arrived, the two were informed that their mother was not home, but she was hiding out at a friend’s house. Robert and Mia immediately left the house. Robert and Mia were separated for two days while their mother was making arrangements to have them get a lawyer to go through the legal issues that would arise after the divorce.

During these two years, Robert and Mia had a son, Michael. They were extremely close and during the two years of their marriage, the two of them took care of each other and supported each other. On the day of the separation, Robert asked Mia to forgive him and ask for forgiveness. When she refused, he said he had decided it was time to end the marriage.

After the couple separated, the press released a statement that they were going to work out their differences. Robert and Mia then took a short vacation and were spotted together in a restaurant. Robert was carrying a briefcase with him and he asked Mia to join him there. Shortly thereafter, the two got back together and the third year of their marriage, they were still together.

The next two years, Robert worked a lot of overtime at night and never really made any money. The two-year anniversary came and they celebrated by going to dinner. On this two-year anniversary, Robert and Mia had another argument and this one turned physical. It was the final straw and the two-year anniversary was officially pronounced a final divorce.

The couple had two children and raised them as if they were their own. They named both of their children Michael and they were expecting another child. On the day of the final divorce, the two had a heart-to-heart discussion and it was then that they decided that they were going to separate. The two filed for divorce papers and on the day of the final hearing, the judge ruled in favor of the Sandberg’s. They were married in June of 1992.


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