Independent Escorts

Independent Escorts

Some men don’t like the idea of hiring independent escorts that work for agencies. Instead, they prefer models that work on their own. These girls provide a first-hand experience. That’s because you don’t have to go through an agency representative to set up a date with them. Instead, you contact them directly and discuss your meeting without involving a third party.

To some people, this experience compares to that of hooking up with a conventional girlfriend. That’s because you have to find the girl yourself and discuss the details of your meeting. This is the primary reason why these models are gaining increasing popularity. Other reasons why some men prefer these companions over agency girls include the following.

Price Factor

The price a client pays for these models is relatively lower than what companions who work for a company charge. In most cases, these companions charge half the price charged by agency girls. This makes them appeal to men whose price bargain is an important factor when it comes to getting companionship.

What’s more, the majority of these models do not charge a fixed price. That means you can always negotiate the price. It can go down or up depending on the services you want to enjoy from the companion during the session.


The companionship industry is dominated by agencies. However, some models provide companionship on their own. These provide greater flexibility than what you can get with agency girls. This is a major benefit for men that want to hang out with a companion at any time, anywhere, and in any way they desire. These models don’t have the bureaucracy of an agency. Thus, nobody dictates to them what to do and when.

What’s more, these models are open-minded and ready to serve their clients in diverse arrangements. As long as you treat your companion right and make her feel special, she will let you enjoy unlimited freedom in terms of how you relate to her. You simply decide what you’re both comfortable with and do things your way.

Attention-Oriented Services

These models know how hard getting a client can be. As such, they focus on providing superior service to get long-term clients. They are diligent and determined to ensure that every client is ultimately satisfied. To these models, providing companionship is not just a job. It’s an engagement for providing and receiving sheer pleasure. Therefore, they provide companionship out of free-will and passionately.

Any independent escorts in this category knows she is not in the payroll of any agency or company. Therefore, she aims at ensuring the satisfaction of every client. That’s because a satisfied client is likely to hire her again or recommend her to friends and colleagues. Book a companion from this category to find out more reasons why some men prefer them over agency models!


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