Why Scientists Massage Mice With Robots?

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Why are scientists massaging mice with robots? The motive is simple: If you can figure out how to massage a mouse yourself, why not do it in a lab setting and make the results apply to humans? That’s right; scientists are massaging mice with robots, because they want to find out how the brain really works. By doing this, scientists may be able to find a way to cure certain diseases or perhaps to alleviate some of the pain we have all been through. It all comes down to one thing: Do you want to find out how to massage a mouse with a robot?

It’s simple: To get better understanding about the human body and how it works. Scientists are simply trying to figure out what exactly goes on in a mouse when it is massaged in order to find a way to do the same thing in humans. How do they do this? They use tools called robots, which are programmed to perform specific tasks. One of these tasks is rubbing the right areas of the body. There are actually many different types of rubbers and they can come in various textures too.

One such type of rubber is the kind made from silicon carbide. This particular type of rubber actually gives off heat when pressed against the skin of the mice. Because the heat that it produces is very sensitive, it is only ideal to use on very soft parts of the body. This way, the mice feel very little pressure when they are being massaged, but they do feel a lot when the robot is pressing down hard on their bodies.

Another reason why scientists massage mice with robots? Is it because it helps relieve stress? Yes, it does. Because they are in a controlled environment, they are not stressed out, which is also one of the causes of insomnia. Mice feel a lot less stressed when they are in a quiet place where they can just lay down and relax.

Yet another reason why scientists massage mice with robots? They do this to test the effects of stress and anxiety on humans. When mice are put into stressful situations, they become nervous, anxious, and even angry. When they are put into a stressful situation while still in a laboratory setting, they remain calm. Because of this experiment, the effects of stress on humans has finally been found out.

These are just a few of the questions asked by those who think about the future of science and technology. The answer to why are scientists massaging mice with robots? It is simply for the sake of research. Yes, there are several benefits of these types of experiments, but they are all indirect. If the experiments were not done, humans would never know whether or not they should be putting their pets in different situations and environments.

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